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I have suffered with bronchial problems and the common cold since I was a kid - I'm now 59. A few weeks ago, I developed a moderate cold and moderate cough. I've never experienced a moderate type of cold like this before. It just hung on and never really got me down. The cough was annoying, but I was able to function in my business.

Then last Monday, the cough got worse, and I could feel congestion building in my chest. I spent Thursday and Friday at home on the couch trying to let the cold take its course. The cough got so bad that I coughed almost constantly and developed laryngitis by Saturday morning. Along with this I couldn't sleep. Not only could I not stop coughing, but lying down made it worse. I was able to get maybe three to four hours of fractured sleep a night, spending the early morning hours sitting upright on the couch waiting for the sunrise. It's not that I haven't experienced all this before, but not to this degree. This was the worst sickness I've ever experienced.

By Saturday afternoon, I was going out of my mind. I have my phyisician's cell phone number. My wife urged me to call him. I refused, because I knew he would just tell me to take antibiotics, and as you pointed out, they only work if the infection is bacterial. In absolute desparation, I did a web search for bronchitis cures and found your web site. I read your material, and it fit exactly with my thoughts about antibiotics. After buying and reading your material, I sent my wife to the health food store. She was able to get all three essential oils. I started the therapy Friday evening about 7:00 PM. Before I started it, my coughing had already begun to subside, however, lying down to try to sleep just brought on the cough again. And the wheezing was unbearable. By Saturday evening, after a full day of your therapy, five times in all, I started feeling much better. The phlegm started to loosen, and I was able to cough it out a little. I was able to sleep about six hours that night, more than I ever expected.

I continued with the therapy all day Sunday, continuing to feel better as the day progressed, and I was able to sleep through the night Sunday. This morning (Monday), I feel the cold still there, but I've stopped coughing and my lungs are almost cleared out. My laryngitis continues, something that I've never had for more than a day before. But I feel terrific compared to last Thursday and Friday.

I really think this kind of aroma therapy is what made it leave so quickly!

Thanks for the therapy. I look forward to using your therapy on sinusitis, another problem I've had my entire life.


Wayne Gregory

Granada Hills, CA.


Hi Rich

I finally downloaded the ebook thanks!

I've "steamed" twice so far today and feeling better already.

Can't believe it's this easy and all those drug companies push all those antibiotics on us.

My dad has had what I now think is chronic bronchitis for about 11 years. Maybe this can help him too.

Let's hope this kicks the germs out of me quickly!

Aly Daly


Well... here's my story,

I ran around Friday after work and got the rest of the things I needed for the remedy.  

I finally found what was needed and went home and started the treatments.  

My husband thought it was great that we could do this at home and not have to depend on a doctor or be at their mercy (money wise and time wise).  It was hard at first for him to be able to breathe in the steam - very powerful.  

I loved the way it made the house smell, better than any of those sprays, or scented room deodorizers.  
We were able to get two treatments in on Friday and then one on Sat AM before he was to work.  He is in a new job and last Saturday was his first chance to get overtime and he was so sick on Friday.  We really had our doubts if he would be able to make it and what we were going to do.  

He had spoke with our family doctor Thursday evening and he wouldn't call anything in without seeing him, even though he knows his history and that he gets bronchitis all the time.  Told him to call his office for an appt. the next day.  

My husband was so mad he didn't call and then the Dr's office is closed over the weekend. He went to work on Saturday and worked all day.  He was off Sunday, so he was around the house, taking it easy and still doing treatments.  Monday, he was back at work and worked 9 1/2 hours.  Now, usually, he is flat on his back in bed for 3 days or so when he has bronchitis and then sometimes it goes into pneumonia.  He never really had anytime where he couldn't do anything and had to go to bed.  I can't believe it!.  He didn't feel real good, but not to the point of having to go to bed and just sleep.  I'm just amazed that something so easy could actually work.

 I've been doing some of the treatments also, I have a sinus headache everyday and take an OTC sinus pill at least 1 X every day. I'm trying the sinus oils for me.  Your treatments kept him from missing work, probably loosing a new job and missing money that we needed so badly.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  May God Bless you.

Michelle Davis


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